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Based in Jackson Hole, WY, our lawyers have extensive experience in complex civil litigation, business transactions, technology, asset protection, intellectual property issues and criminal law.

Commercial Transactions

The Teton Law Group serves as a business advisor and advocate for a variety of clients, from start-up LLCs to large international technology companies, media production houses and industrial manufacturers. We use our knowledge and experience to advise corporations, investors and entrepreneurs to develop long term strategies and comprehensively structured transactions.

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Civil Litigation

The Teton Law Group offers client centered civil, criminal and appellate litigation services to both individual and institutional clients throughout all phases of the litigation process.

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Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is often the core value of a business, and Teton Law Group protects, defends and leverages that intellectual property to promote the long term stability and success of our clients.

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Criminal Law

Thoughtful and thorough criminal defense representation at every stage of the prosecution process. We provide you with the experience and guidance to make careful and informed decisions during difficult times.

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Asset Protection Strategies

Protect your corporate and personal assets legally and effectively through comprehensive asset protection and planning.

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